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Laman Utama artikel Analisis Kindness to Animals in Islam
Kindness to Animals in Islam

catcatAllah Almighty sent his last messenger Muhammad (PBUH) as a mercy to all his creations. Muhammad’s (PBUH) compassion encompassed not only human beings, but also animals. While he ordered his companions to treat animals with kindness and humanity, he showed the same by his own actions.
In the modern era, numerous organizations have been established to protect animal rights. Governments are running campaigns to save animals. Severe punishments are being introduced for violators of the animal rights. But Mohammed (PBUH) has already done all this 1,400 years ago. The directions of Prophet Muhammad remind us that humankind was put on this earth to be the custodian of Allah’s creation. Treating animals with kindness and mercy is just one of the responsibilities embedded in that custodianship. Prophet Muhammad’s words and behaviour make it clear that causing defenceless creatures pain and suffering is not only completely unacceptable, but we will also be answerable to Allah for such actions.
The prophet (PBUH) forbade the Muslims to keep animals hungry or thirsty, to disturb, or to overburden them. He incriminated those who use animals for target practice, and those who curse them. There are many stories and directions of the Prophet (PBUH) that demonstrate his concern for the welfare of animals. Here we are going to mention a few.


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